Two Wheels Tuesday

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Project History

In partnership with Cycling UK, our hub launched our own version of the Two Wheel Tuesday project we had seen that had been taken on by hubs previously, namely Paris and Brussels Hubs for spearheading this project.

Here you can find links to our strategic partners;

Cycling UK;

Global Shapers Paris Hub;

How it started;

Inspired by the impact achieved by Paris and Brussels Hub in starting this project, along with the clear need for more action to be taken to encourage cycling as a means of protecting our local environment and being healthier. 

Our Impact;

Over the course of 2021, our hub shared posts on our social media channels to promote cycling in Manchester. To achieve this we worked with Cycling UK to provide content which supported individuals in their journey to commute to Manchester once a week by cycling. Through working with Cycling UK and on online community, we were able to promote to our Manchester based audience and support the great work Cycling UK is doing in this area.