Happy Bench @ All Saints Park

A Little Moment of Joy 

Happy Bench @ All Saints Park

Cultivating Happiness through Art

I’ve had a passion for crafts and creativity for as long as I can remember. 

However, I have rarely given myself the joy of exploring new hobbies or projects beyond my academic/career endeavours for many years, burdened by being incredibly self-demanding. Eventually, I found myself pursuing an Engineering Doctorate, devoting 4 years of my life to producing a single document. 

One thing that has really helped me become more positive over the past year has been developing the habit of sharing my affection and gratitude to my friends and family through the expression of art. Finding the time to experiment with different media and creating different things (with and for friends) has enabled me to enjoy a sense of fulfilment that also brings a smile to the face of those I love the most. And there are few things more valuable than that for me.

I’ve learnt that genuinely increasing our happiness and overall satisfaction with life doesn’t require a winning lottery ticket or some other drastic change of circumstances. Instead, it depends upon an inner change of perspective and attitude. 

And that’s truly good news because, if I can do it, so can you!

Aitana Ucles Fuensanta


Global Shaper

June 2021


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